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SKBA Modz WhatsApp

v177 for Android
Apps, Tools
Android 4.2+
75 MB
August 14, 2023

SKBA Modz WhatsApp Review:

Who doesn’t love updated or modified versions of apps? SKBA Modz is a 3rd party app that provides you with some pretty cool features that WhatsApp doesn’t offer and we are quite sure that you always dreamt of such an app that would help you to read deleted messages and many more. So without wasting any minute let’s get started.

What is SKBA Modz?

skba modz whatsapp icon

Modz is an app or link that guarantees you updated versions of original apps, and SKBA Modz does the same. It is a mod of WhatsApp, it allows you to use a few incredible features of WhatsApp that you always wanted to use, such as sending large media files and reading deleted messages, etc. Let us have a look at what SKBA mods claim to provide you.


  • View Deleted Messages:
    Do you get to find yourself wondering what was in the deleted message? if yes then this app is designed for you. once you have installed SKBA apk into your phone then you can view all the deleted messages. Isn’t it cool?
  • Send Large Media Files:
    WhatsApp allows you to send media files that are under 16MB. If the size exceeds 16 MB then you can’t share the file through WhatsApp; yeah we know that it sucks! but now you do not have to worry about it because by using the SKBA apk you can send large files even through WhatsApp.
  • No Forward Label
    WhatsApp has a rule, if you forward any message on WhatsApp then that message will be labeled as “forwarded” but if you are using the SKBA apk then it won’t happen to your messages, your forwarded messages won’t be labeled as forwarded.
  • Downloading WhatsApp Status:
    Sometimes we love someone’s status so much that we want to download it into our phone but WhatsApp doesn’t offer to download status features, so no worries because SKBA does. SKBA apk allows you to download and even pause the online status on your phone.

Other Features:

  • Change themes
  • Customization
  • view removed status.
  • Turn off read receipts.
  • Turn off double ticks.
  • Block unknown callers.
  • Free of cost.


There are many apps on Play Store, some of them guarantee you to view deleted messages while others offer you to download deleted messages. Still, there are very few apps that allow you all of those features that you need for instance viewing deleted messages, downloading status, turning off read receipts, and a lot more; SKBA apk is one of those apps that guarantees each and every feature that you need. So yeah, if you looking for such an app that provides you with all the features that are mentioned above then SKBA apk is a great option for you.

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Is It Safe to Download the SKBA Modz APK?

Though many critics argue that it is not safe to download 3rd party apps because these apps somehow install viruses into your phone. There are still people who use these apps without any fear of getting viruses on their phones and they are using these apps safely, they have not complained yet. so yeah we can say that this app is safe to use. You can download the link from our website too.