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v19.05 for Android
Android 4.2+
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September 18, 2023

SmartTubeNext Review:

What if I tell you that I have found a better app than YouTube, would you download it? well, I surely would if someone told me this because I believe that it is really important to adapt new and updated apps at the right time so one can keep up with this modern era of technological advancement. Anyways, back to the topic, I recently found a better app than YouTube known as “SmartTubeNext”. you might be wondering what’s better in it and why should I download it. So first things first, let me answer your first question, what’s better in it?

It is ad-free (OMG, I am screaming with joy) WHAT CAN BE BETTER THAN THAT??? wait there is more, It also does not sponsor content, it can be used in the background, has higher video quality than YouTube, and a lot more! now let’s answer your second question that was why should you download it?

Because it is better than any other video streaming app so why shouldn’t you? Ask yourself. So, If have made up your mind to download this app on your device should I start the topic or are you still thinking? Whatever the case is I would suggest you read this article till the end to gain more insights as it will help you to clear your head, Moreover, I promise your every query regarding this app will be solved. So before starting today’s article let me break down what we are going to cover today, The introduction of SmartTubeNext APK, and its features, I will also answer your queries, and lastly, the conclusion you will also be given a download link to this app on this page just in case you make up your mind to download it. so let’s begin.

What is SmartTubeNext APK?

SmartTubeNext APK is a wonderful app that was developed recently especially to give a better video streaming experience than YouTube, you might have heard people complaining that they hate when ads pop up in between videos (well I am included in those people, I complain a lot LOL) so developers thought why not develop an app that has no ads, and that single thing is enough to make t better than youtube, isn’t it? well, they added a few other great features in it also, this app can be connected to your smart TV, and it will work more or less like YouTube but I can guarantee that it will work better than YouTube on your smart TV, wanna know why? you will understand when we discuss the details of this app, so what are we waiting for? let’s look at the features of this app.

Features of SmartTubeNext APK:

Improved Video Quality

The video quality this app provides is far better than the one that YouTube provides.

No Ads

This app does not show any ads, we can put it like this, this app has no ads.

Compatible with Smart TV

This app is compatible with any smart TV, You can install this app on your smart TV without the help of Google Play services and enjoy watching content on a bigger screen Plus you can also control the videos with your TV remote, well, this is how smart TV works.

Free of Cost

Unlike YouTube or other streaming apps that charge users or remind them, again and again, to buy their premium plan to avail of more features, SmartTubeNext provides access to all its premium features for absolutely free of cost.

More Benefits of SmartTubeNext:

  • Safe to download
  • Simple user interface
  • No registration hassle
  • No Gooogle Play Services needed
  • Works well on Smart TV
  • Premium plan for free

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So, you see how this app is better than all other streaming apps? now if you want to download this app on your device then simply click on the download button on this page or the link given on this page. Furthermore, if you have any queries then feel free to comment down below, You can also share your review of this app below, I would love to read it, till then enjoy.