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3 Patti Land

v1.128 for Android
Android 4.2+
37 MB
September 30, 2023

3 Patti Land Review:

3 Patti Land Apk is an app similar to card games, however, this app is more advanced and fun to play than the traditional card games. 3 Patti Land Apk is a fun app that helps users to earn money from their comfort zone, this app has gained popularity recently and is downloaded by thousands of people. In this article we will be discussing a few things about this app, such as its introduction, its features, what we say about it, and finally the conclusion. So, if you are someone who is looking for a fun way to earn money then 3 Patti Land Apk is the perfect app for you. Without wasting any time let us get to our topic and learn about 3 Patti Land Apk.

What is 3 Patti Land APK?

3 Patti Land Apk is an app that has recently gained popularity due to its amazing features. This app is somewhat like a gambling and card game. This app has loads of mini-games in it, through which you can win amazing rewards and earn money. A few examples of these games are Mines, Roulette, and Ludo. These games are simple yet fun to play and the bonus point is: that you also get to earn money while playing. to understand this app in a better way let’s look at its features.

Core Features of 3 Patti Land:


This app has loads of mini-games in it and these mini-games are the way to earn money online. these few games are:

  • Mines,
  • Roulette,
  • Ludo
  • Teen Patti,
  • Fruit Line, Crash,
  • Andar Bahar
  • Many others.

Earn Referral Bonus:

There is also another way to earn money through this app and that is by sending a referral link to this app to your friends and family, once you have done this and if your friends and family download and play these games with your referral link then you will earn a bonus.

Earn Daily:

Besides playing this game, users can also earn money by just logging into this game daily, the user will be rewarded with a daily bonus, a few cashback, and rewards for sure. so what are you waiting for? download this app now and earn wonderful rewards.


Once you have earned a particular amount of money only then you can transfer the credit into your digital account or wallet, so to put it simply you need to earn a good amount through this app then you can withdraw it.

More Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • User friendly
  • Safe to use
  • Popular app
  • Top rated

Our Review:

now here comes our review of this app: This app is a wonderful way to earn money online, if you are someone who loves to play games then this app is absolutely for you, here is some friendly advice for you too, if you think that you are lucky then give this app a try because trust me this app is a game of chance so try your luck and have fun. furthermore, if you are not into earning money then try this app for fun and I am pretty sure that you will love it more than any other game because this app has some really cool features that I have already discussed above.

More Games:


In conclusion, we have discussed in detail about 3 Patti Land Apk and we have tried our best to cover each and every aspect of this app however if you have any questions then feel free to ask it in the comments section and we will try our best to answer. overall, this app is really wonderful, give it a try and have fun!