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H4X Mod Menu

v126 for Android
Apps, Tools
Android 4.0
36 MB
July 7, 2024

H4X Mod Menu Review:

Do you ever wonder how few people you know who are noobs in the battlefield games win the game easily and knock out you from the game effortlessly even though they haven’t spent even a single penny on the premium features of the app? did you ever wonder about this? did this ever happen to you? If your answer is yes, then we are here to reveal the secret to you! If your friends are noobs in the battlefield games and they haven’t even brought premium features and are winning the games over and over then they might be using hack or cheat apps. Today we have brought an amazing app for you named H4X mod menu apk. This is a cheat app that will help you to win the game without any effort.

What is H4X Mod Menu?

ffh4x mod menu

H4X mod menu is designed to hack multiplayer battlefield games such as Garena free fire, this app helps to unlock the premium features of battlefield games for free. Moreover, this app helps its users to win the game without struggling to survive, when we talk about the hack apps for Garena free fire or any battlefield game then the H4X name tops the list. before looking at the pros and cons of the app let’s have a look at the features of the game.


  1. ESP Menu:
    H4X helps its users to have a sight at the enemies of their players, for instance, you can track the location, position, and aim of your enemy using the H4X app as a result it becomes easier for you to win the game.
  2. Aimbot Menu:
    The Aimbot menu helps in shooting skills, for instance, auto aim, and aim fire. These are a few of the coolest features of the app developed by the H4X developers.
  3. Unlimited Skins:
    H4X helps to unlock a variety of premium skins for free. These skins help to look good as well as develop other awesome characteristics too.
  4. Ghost Feature:
    The ghost feature allows killing enemies at a time.
  5. Free of Cost:
    The main feature of this app is that it doesn’t ask its users to pay even a single penny in order to get access to the features of the game. This app is free of cost and helps you to win the game easily.

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Pros and Cons:



  • Doesn’t take up much space on your phone.
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited skins
  • Unlock premium features
  • Free of cost


  • It has lots of ads
  • Your account might be banned if the officials of the game find out that you are using illegal apps to win the game.

How to Download H4X Mod Menu APK?

The H4X mod menu isn’t available on the play store so you need to download it from a 3rd party source, let us be more specific you need to download it from a “trustworthy” 3rd part source in order to protect your data as well or you might risk your privacy because many 3rd party apps install viruses while downloading apk files into the mobile so you really need to be careful. We would suggest you, check the reviews of the users before downloading any apk file from 3rd party source, if you want to download this app from our website then click on the download button in order to start the downloading process.

Password/Key for H4X Mod Menu

Username: h4xjato500k

Password: Jato500k

Is Our Website Trustworthy?

We don’t like to brag about our website so we would answer very straightforwardly, yes it is. you can also check user reviews on our website.

Download the H4X app without any hesitation and enjoy its unlimited features for absolutely free of cost.