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Helmet Heroes

10.6 for Android
Games, Adventure
Android 4.2+
Helmet Games
13.2 MB
May 2, 2023

Helmet Heroes Review:

Helmet Heroes is an RPG mobile game worth downloading for an enjoyable gaming session! Offering an expansive cast and high-level customization options, this thrilling adventure provides hours of exciting play.

Assemble your hero and embark upon quests in distant lands. From abandoned forests to underground caverns, you’ll encounter various enemies and engage them in uncompromising battles.

Helmet Heroes Game Features


Helmet Heroes is a free-to-play 2D platform MMORPG offering a range of classes, such as warriors, archers, cowboys, and wizards. There are more than 600 in-game items and hundreds of monsters to slay while crafting, PvP battles, and quests are also featured.

This game boasts simplistic graphics and an accessible 2D UI, making it ideal for anyone just beginning to explore mobile gaming.

The game world is vibrant with vivid hues and lush landscapes, offering items and engaging characters for players to encounter as they explore an expansive map. They will quickly be drawn into its story as they journey across it!


Helmet Heroes is a fun adventure game with blocky 3D graphics. High pixel density and fluid movements make the game easy to navigate. Multiple character classes and user-friendly controls are available.

This revolutionary game lets players customize their avatars and weaponry. Furthermore, a wide variety of maps await your gameplay and guilds can even be formed so you can battle against players all around the globe!


Helmet Heroes APK is an engaging online multiplayer role-playing game with gorgeous colors and charming characters that makes an ideal choice for fans of MMORPGs who enjoy adventure, fighting, looting, crafting, and collecting and upgrading equipment.

Helmet Heroes Apk features four character classes – Warrior, Wizard, Archer, and Cowboy – each offering different skills and abilities that are sure to please any player.

This game boasts several other notable features, such as its large world, unique 3D graphics, bold combat elements, and plenty of weapons and gear to discover. There is even an array of pet species you can ride or battle alongside your hero; with hundreds of designs. Furthermore, there are even more features such as its robust PvP battle mode and extensive quest list!


Helmet Heroes APK is an exciting adventure game designed to let you play RPG titles on Android phones. Offering extensive customization features, Helmet Heroes allows you to be the master of your gaming session!

This game offers an expansive world, complete with various environments like abandoned forests and dungeons, cities, and villages to discover and cities to conquer.

Players have the choice between going it alone or teaming up with friends to take on challenges that offer prizes, or participating in PvP battles to put their skills to the test.

This game includes over 600 weapons, armor, and accessories; 60 pets that you can raise and battle alongside you; as well as the opportunity to personalize your hero with over 30 special abilities.

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Helmet Heroes is an online multiplayer game with many levels, challenges, and rewards for its players. Battle other players while completing missions to collect over 600+ items to upgrade your hero and also control pets that assist you during battle to take down enemies more efficiently.

Helmet Heroes is a 2D platformer with MMO elements but suffers from poor gameplay mechanics and level design which lead to frustrating and repetitive gameplay after just minutes of play. Graphics are also not very impressive and the music lacks energy compared to similar titles on the market. Overall Helmet Heroes remains fun enough for casual audiences but needs further development for an optimal experience; download it free of charge via your internet connection for a full gameplay experience!