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May 29, 2023

Instander Review:

Without any doubt, I do agree that Instagram is a wonderful app but is it just me who sometimes feels like Instagram should add a few more features, such as secretly viewing someone’s story, turning off seen status, and many more? Guess what? recently I found an amazing app that is absolutely like the Instagram app in fact it has a few more unique features than the original Instagram app. It will not be wrong to consider Instander Apk a modified version of the Official Instagram in fact more cool than the original one. If you ever felt like Instagram should add more features then try downloading the Instander Apk because I am pretty sure that you are going to love this app. First, we will look at the introduction of this app then we will deal with its features, and lastly its conclusion.

What is Instander APK?

instander apk icon

Instander APK is a social app inspired by the official app of Instagram. This app has far more features than Instagram itself. people prefer to download this app more than the official version of Instagram due to its amazing features. for instance, you can see anyone’s story without letting them know on Instagram using the Instander app. Let’s look at the features of this app in detail.


Download Videos:

You can download reels, videos, and even IGTVs of Instagram users and save them on your mobile phone’s gallery using this new version of Instagram.

Save Pictures:

Not only videos but you can also save anyone’s uploaded pictures on your mobile phone using this app.

Seen But Not Seen:

This is one of the coolest features of this app “Seen but not seen” which means, you can see or read your Instagram DM without letting them know that you read their message. Isn’t it cool? now no one can blame you you saw my message but did not reply. this feature does not work only in the case of DMs but also works on Instagram stories; You can view anyone’s Instagram story without letting them know.

Hide Story:

Instagram does not have an option to hide stories from certain people though it does have an option for close friends. Instander APk allows you to hide your story from certain people who you think are sneaky.

Save Stories:

You can save anyone’s story using this app and watch them later again.

No Ads:

Though this app is a 3rd party app. This app does not show any ads. You can have a distracted-free Instagram experience using this app. so what are you waiting for? download this app now and enjoy.

Viewers of your Profile:

This app helps you to keep track of who viewed your profile. you can actually see the user names of people who visited your profile picture and how many times they did this.

Full Profile Picture:

This app also gives you access to view anyone’s Instagram profile picture in full size.

Interact Anonymously:

You can like, comment or share anyone’s posts anonymously, that is without letting them know who did it.

More Benefits of Instander APK

  • Respects your privacy
  • User friendly
  • Safe to download
  • Absolutely free of cost
  • Unique features

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This was a detailed introduction to the Instander Apk, which is far better than the official app of Instagram so if you want to avail all those features that are mentioned above then make sure to download this app, and one more thing, this app is totally free of cost that means you do not have to spend even a single penny to get access to its features. so what are you waiting for? download it now and have fun.