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IP Sports

9.1 for Android
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Android 4.2+
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July 6, 2024

IP Sports Review:

Sports have no boundaries, everyone loves sports. Some people play games while other enjoy watching them but unfortunately, most of the time it happens that sport matches schedule does not match your free time schedule so you end up missing your favorite match, how does it feel when you are a die-hearted fan of India and Pakistan cricket match and just because your cable does not stream any sports channel so as a result, you missed the match. We know it is one of the most heartbreaking situations for cricket fans but no problem we have got an amazing app for you, known as IP Sports.

Let us learn in detail about the IP Sports APK then we will look at the features of IP Sports in detail.

Introduction to IP Sports APK:

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IP Sports is an app for sports lover people. This app features various well-known sports channels. Focusing on the interest of sports lovers’ psyche, this app mainly focuses on cricket and football matches. Moreover, you can also see the live score in the IP sports app, not only this, but along with live scores, you can also view the schedule of upcoming matches. Let us look at the features of IP Sports app.


  • Watch matches anywhere anytime:
    Using the IP Sports app, one can watch matches anytime and anywhere without any hassle. For example, you are in the office and it’s a match between your favorite teams and you badly want to watch it. Still, unfortunately, you don’t have access to a tv there so in order to watch the match, you need to download the IP Sports apk file immediately on your phone and you are free to watch your favorite match without getting in trouble.
  • Watch unlimited cricket and football matches:
    Through the IP Sports app you can watch unlimited cricket and football matches and can view live streaming as well as for later needs you can also view essential highlights of the match for free of cost. 
  • Free of cost:
    The best part of IP Sports is that it is free of cost app, it does not charge you anything which means you can watch unlimited matches for free on the IP Sports app. Cut your cable off and enjoy free resources!
  • High quality:
    You might wonder why this app does not charge anything and provides so many features so it might be possible that the quality this app gives might be not worth watching but no, absolutely not, IP Sports gives you guarantees you HD streaming. Hard to believe? Download the app now and watch yourself and thank us later.

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As this app does not charge you anything so you might wonder that then how this app earns. So the answer lies here in ads. This app pops up a few ads in between the live streaming of matches so Somehow it ruins the enjoyment of the matches.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this app safe to use?

Yes, absolutely safe to use.

Is this the only app to watch live sports?

No, there are a lot of other apps available on the play store as well as on other 3rd party websites but this app is unique, it is free of cost, safe to use, and user-friendly. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and enjoy its unlimited features for free.

Additional info:

If you want to download the apk file of IP Sports then click on the download button in order to start the downloading process then click on the install button to install the app.